What To Look For In Vape Juice When You Are New To Vaping?

When you are new to vaping, it is essential to select the best vaping device for you and the best vape juice. When it comes to vaping devices, you can choose a mouth-to-lung device, or a direct-to-lung device, depending on what you prefer. The type of device you select to use will also determine the best vape juice for you. If you have your vaping device and now need to get some vape juice, below are some factors to consider helping you select the best e-liquid for you that will help you stay on course and quit smoking for good.

Making Sure Your Vape Juice Is Safe

If you live in the UK, you are much better off purchasing your vape juice from a premium e-liquid UK based supplier like Vapoholic.co.uk. Other countries do not have as strict controls as the UK, so the cheap vape juice you can get from abroad will often have chemicals and additives to them, which may be harmful to your health. Buying from a UK supplier will ensure you get a quality e-liquid that is safe to use and can help you stop smoking.

Getting The Correct Ratio For Your Vape Juice

When you look at the various vape juices available, you will see a PG and VG ratio. You will need to ensure that your vaping device is suitable for the ratio you buy. PG stands for propylene glycol and is the substance that can hit your throat, and VG is vegetable glycerine, which makes the plumes of vape smoke. Usually, most devices can work well choosing a 50/50 ratio, but check the manufacturer’s instructions for your device to see what they recommend.

Choosing The Correct Nicotine Strength

When you start vaping, you must choose the correct nicotine strength for the vape juice you will use. If it is not strong enough, you will have constant cravings, and if it is too strong, it can make you feel sick. If you smoke between 15-20 cigarettes a day or more, you will choose the most potent option, typically 22mg of nicotine. Once you are used to vaping and can control your urges with this strength e-liquid, you can lower the nicotine level in the vape juice. You can keep doing this until you no longer require the nicotine and either stop vaping or choose a nicotine-free vape juice if you like the taste.

A World Of Flavours Available

When you look at all the flavours available of vape juice, it may be a daunting prospect to choose as there are so many. There is so much choice that there is a suitable vape juice for all tastes, but as it is so affordable, you can try them all if you wish. Whether you prefer a regular tobacco taste, you are looking for a fruity tang, or you have a sweet tooth and love dessert flavours, you can find something your tastebuds will love.

When used correctly, vaping can be an excellent cessation tool with excellent results. Do plenty of research before you try vaping for the first time, and you can help ensure you have smoked your last cigarette and are in control of your nicotine addiction.

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