Things you should know about incontinence underwear

Here’s some good news for those who suffer with urinary incontinence issues or who have lost full control over their bladder. It’s now very easy to find a wide range of incontinence underwear Australia.

All you have to do is follow the link to get access to a variety of pads and guards that are well-designed based on the needs of people. What’s more, these products are available in various forms and sizes.

The incontinence underwear can be used with ease by people, without revealing to others anything even as much as a hint about the incontinence issue. There are different types of incontinence underwear that can capture the leak better and keep it from staining the clothes or leading to personal embarrassment. They vary in sizes and shapes to easily fit almost all body type. These products are specially designed to reduce the likelihood of skin rashes or irritation for both daytime and night time use.

Types of Incontinence Underwear

Incontinence underwear is well-designed as well as a normal underwear. The absorbent pads placed inside the underwear are large and thick enough to absorb even heavy leaks. The waterproof backing makes sure that nothing leaks out of the underwear. Let’s take a look at the various options of underwear available:

  •         No-Belt Disposable Undergarments: These undergarments look like thicker incontinence pads. They have hip straps attached, to support the undergarment. They can be worn inside regular underwear.

  •         Belted Disposable Incontinence Underwear: These resemble normal underwear and can be slipped on. They also fit like normal underwear. This product comes with an absorbency protection feature.

  •         Reusable Incontinence Underwear: This newer product also resembles normal underwear but can be reused and washed. The leaking area of the underwear is made of absorbent fabric which is designed to pull the moisture and leaks away from the skin. Also, the exterior of the underwear is waterproof, thus eliminating the spread of leaks to other clothing.

  •         Reusable Underwear/Disposable Pad: This is a combination product that can save money. The undergarment involves washable underwear into which a disposable pad gets inserted.

It should be noted that most disposable products are not designed to be flushed in the toilet and are not recyclable.

Factors to Look into While Choosing Incontinence Underwear

  •         How well they fit under the clothes
  •         The amount of odour prevention offered by the incontinence underwear
  •         The amount of absorbency needed
  •         The ease in using and changing
  •         Whether they make any sort of noise under the clothes when walking
  •         Cost of the product
  •         The availability of the product
  •         The need for replacement pads

For most people with an incontinence issue, even a visit to the supermarket or pharmacy to buy incontinence products can be a difficult task. Incontinence aids are typically bulky and others can come to know about this condition, which can be embarrassing. But not anymore! All you have to do is log onto to get access to some of the best absorbent incontinence underwear products in Australia. You can now save yourself the embarrassment by shopping online. Additionally, if you shop from online sources for incontinence products, you can avail many offers and discounts which you miss out on when you shop in supermarkets and pharmacies. Furthermore, if you shop online, it will not only be confidential but the packing of these products will be discreet as well. The best part is you won’t have anyone peeking into your trolley!

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