4 Great PTA Fundraising Ideas

Among the PTA fundraising ideas you can use is a themed competition. Prizes could be given out for best costume or celebrity impersonation, for example. Another classic fundraising idea is guessing games. The first person to guess correctly wins a prize. If the prize is for best costume, you can have a themed competition in which students dress up as their favorite celebrities. And guessing games can also be fun. There are many ways to hold a guessing game.


Raffles are a fantastic way to raise money for PTA groups. The amount of money you can raise with raffles will depend on your budget, the prizes you want to give away, and how much you charge for entry. If you want to raise a lot of money, you should charge a higher entry fee and give away big-ticket items. That way, you’ll make a nice profit. You can also hold rummage sales to raise money for your school.

If you’re looking for a fundraiser that builds community spirit, consider holding a talent show. This activity is popular with students, and you can hold a contest with prizes. You could also offer to sell tickets for parents to see which kids have the best skills. You can even have a judge or prize table at the event. These events are both fun and successful fundraising ideas. Just be sure to plan for the right timing and make sure everyone knows what you’re doing!

Board Game tournaments

Board Game tournaments are a fun twist on the traditional card tournament and they can be held with all skill levels in mind. They can also be played individually or as teams and raise money for a worthy cause. You can ask local businesses for in-kind donations of games and prizes and promote the event in a variety of ways. In addition to the fun factor, board game tournaments are also a low-cost fundraiser and are welcomed by parents because they provide cheap entertainment for the whole family.

A game day is an indoor event that requires little preparation and can be held during the school year. To promote the game day, students can sign up for games and then win small prizes. A recipe book can also be published, with recipes sold to parents in the community. The event can be held during the evening and the volunteers can request donations from local businesses for refreshments and decor. The event can have a theme and be open to the public.

Charity auctions

To hold a successful PTA charity auction, you need to have a plan for the event. Setting a date and reminding the community ahead of time is key to attracting bidders. You can use digital flyers or QR codes to advertise the event and highlight what to bid on. In addition, you can share the details of the event on social media to spread the word and reach a wider audience. A successful fundraiser will help the PTA raise more money than it had originally planned.

One way to raise money for a PTA charity auction is by hosting a silent auction. Donated items go up for bid and can range from classroom theme baskets to vacation packages. These types of auctions can generate significant profits for your organization, and donors will be pleased to bid on these items while supporting your organization. It also increases participation. By holding a silent auction, you can create excitement among your donors. Make the auction items as varied as possible to encourage maximum participation.

Guessing game

If you’re looking for a great PTA fundraising idea, consider holding a “guessing game” at your school. This simple event can raise a lot of money for your PTA while also promoting teamwork and community within your school. To get started, you can use The FundraisingCompany solutions. This website helps schools run successful fundraising campaigns.

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