Why Thai International Schools Are So Popular

Thailand is a popular holiday destination, but it is also extremely popular with expats to base themselves there, and one of the reasons for this is the schools. There is an abundance of choices available when looking for a school for your children, especially in Bangkok, although you find high-quality international schools all over the country. Below are some of the reasons why Thai international schools are so popular in case you are considering relocating to the Big Mango.

A Variety Of Different Curriculums

There are many different curriculums that the Thai international schools work from, so if you are looking for one that has similar teachings and standards to back home there is plenty from which you can choose. You can choose from a British, Australian, and American school in Bangkok, which are the three most popular curriculums, but there are more besides.

The Cost Of The School Fees

The school fees can vary quite dramatically when you compare the different international schools in Bangkok, and the cost of these is out of reach for many Thai nationals. However, when you compare the fees to Europe or even other countries in Asia, the tuition fees are quite reasonable. Moots international schools will accept students from kindergarten level, right up to year 12 in high school, and some of the highest yearly fees for high school students can set you back 900,000 baht per year. They are not all the same price though so you can shop around and get cheaper fees, and kindergarten fees are a lot less than costs for high school.

Locations Throughout The City

Bangkok is a vast city which seems to go on forever, and there are plenty of high-quality international schools located throughout the city, making them easy to get to and from them. Most schools will offer a bus service to pick and drop off your children, but if you live far away from the school, it may take an hour or more for them to get home in the evening, which is why living close to the school is an excellent idea.

The Quality Of The Education

Many of the international schools in Bangkok are in the upper tier, which means that they are more expensive. Still, the quality of education that children receive is of the highest standard, which is the main driving factor for parents to send their children to these types of schools. Many of the top schools employ foreign teachers with years of experience at some of the best schools in the world, giving you peace of mind that your child is receiving a good education. Sending your children to an international school in Bangkok will also open the doors to the best universities throughout Asia and the rest of the world, so will also give them an excellent start in their lives.

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