A Basic Guide to Puppy Training

Some of my best friends have been dogs. There is no animal better suited for companionship. But to make the most of a dog friend opportunity, training is an essential step. You will never know the true personality or the potential of your dog, until your dog knows what you expect from him. Once a dog understands not only the boundaries of his behaviours, but also what he is expected to contribute. The true personality comes forward and his mental health is greatly improved.

Puppy School:  As soon as they are weaned, puppies are ready to start learning. Baby steps at first, of course. House training and socialization is essential. Dogs might be the most easily socialized animals on the planet, but even so, there are good and bad ways to go about it. Not only does your dog need to accept the humans in their life, they are also going to experience other animals. Puppy school is an excellent way to make that happen.

Obedience:  Although dogs may seem to act like humans in various ways, dogs are wired differently for socialization than humans. Dogs have a much easier time fitting in a situation when they understand the hierarchy. Obedience training helps your dog understand social order and their role in your life, and acceptable behaviours. Typically, dog training moves forward in stages, with increasing complexity. If you are looking for dog training in Sydney, The Sydney Dog Training Centre has comprehensive dog training packages available.

Guard Dog Training:  The next level of training helps your dog develop protective skills like a bodyguard. You might think that this kind of training would encourage aggressive behaviour, but guard dogs develop an understanding of when it is acceptable to use aggression. It can be confusing for a dog to process its instincts for protective behaviour. That is why they sometimes act out. Guard dog training can help your dog become more dependable than ever.

When I was young, my parents had my older brother take our German shepherd through the stages of dog training. Eventually our German Shepherd was so accomplished that he was used as a demonstration dog. We had a lifetime of memories with that super intelligent pet. 35 years later I still cherish and brag about his many exploits. It was the training that made the difference. The value of a well-trained dog cannot be measured.

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