6 Invigorating Winter Activities For Outdoorsy Couples

As the cold weather sets in, there are a number of couples who simply can’t stay hidden beneath the duvet. For such people, the idea of hibernation is unthinkable, since it would mean missing out on some of the most remarkable and exciting winter activities, those endeavours that can not only be enjoyed during cold weather but those that are enhanced by it. And, while it may seem surprising to some, there are, in fact, a huge variety of truly invigorating winter activities for couples available even during the coldest periods.

So, if you’re willing to embrace the chilly air and step away from the fireplace, we’re sharing six of this year’s most popular outdoors ventures, those that couples can embrace together for an amazing winter experience. 

Wild Swimming 

The idea of stepping into chilly water on an already cold day might sound outlandish to some, however, those who do often describe it as among the best experiences, inspiring them to start each day with a wild swim. Jumping into the ocean’s waves on a cold day offers a natural high, stimulating the body, its immune system, and circulation. Just remember that cold water has its risks, so be sure to stay safe while swimming in the sea. 


The UK has a number of exceptional regions within which to hike, and even a number of peaks that offer the most incredible views. Choosing to hike with your partner during winter not only helps you to stay active and soak up the sunlight of shorter days but it is also a fantastic period within which to experience the landscapes, as they will be much quieter than during the summer. 


While many will see the winter as an opportunity to seek slopes abroad, there are a number of fantastic locations to ski within the UK. Many mountains are located in Scotland, where the vast landscapes make for incredible vistas, but England is not without its own notable destinations, especially in the North East!


There’s a great deal to be said for kayaking during the winter months and, as with hiking, one of the most notable benefits is the solitude landscapes will offer when free from summer tourism. It is also an activity that benefits from being enjoyed as a couple since it is often recommended to paddle socially during winter to reduce the effects of any risks. 

Ice Fishing 

Wild activities and survival skills have returned to popularity in recent years and, along with them, ice fishing too. There’s immense satisfaction to be had when revelling in a placid environment, giving couples the opportunity to enjoy a respite together. Then, once a fish has been caught, it can be fun to prepare and cook it out in the open, enjoying a truly wild experience! 


Winter activities don’t necessarily need to be challenging endeavours, nor do they require ample gear. Something as simple as embracing your inner child, taking to the top of a local hill and tobogganing down, can be all the excitement that is needed to fill a day with joy.

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