4 Key Learning Styles & Their Importance When Choosing a School

When choosing an international, private, or public school, it is important to find the right learning institute for your child. Although facilities, fees and other factors are important, you shouldn’t forget the school’s philosophy on learning. To ensure your kid absorbs information like everyone else, the teacher should use a variety of learning styles.

All students process and learn information differently, some like to read and write, while others like to see images and watch videos. When choosing a school for your little ones, it is important to ask the teachers about their learning styles. Because every student learns differently, learning styles must vary to ensure each student benefits in the classroom.

Here are the 4 main teaching styles every good teaching should adopt:

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Read/Write
  • Kinesthetic


All of the best international schools in Bangkok focus on the VARK model of learning – Visual, Auditory, Read/Write & Kinesthetic. A good teacher will use all of these methods to get information across to the class. What one student missed in a visual presentation, they will get in kinesthetic demonstration and so on. The best way to reach visual learners is to use charts, graphs, maps, and other diagrams.


A good teacher will also use auditory strategies to enhance learning in the classroom. Auditory learners tend to focus better when the lesson is heard or spoken. They benefit from lectures, discussions, and recordings.


Teachers understand that many students prefer reading and writing instead of other methods of learning. They like to read books and excel when it comes to written exams and tests, they like information to be presented using words.


When choosing a school, it is good to look for programmes that include kinesthetic forms of learning. Some students learn best when they get physically involved in a lesson. They need to recreate experiments and work on an idea or concept instead of reading about it in a book or watching how it works on a video. They learn best when they use tactile experiences.

Students learn in different ways, there is no one size fits all solutions to learning. When choosing a school for your children, it is best to ask them about their learning styles. Do they adopt all four strategies, or do they focus heavily on read/write tactics like many schools in the past? A quality school will incorporate all four systems of learning.

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