Embrace The Nature: 4 Ways To Pamper Your Newborn’s Skin With Certified Organic Products

Unlike other regular skincare products in the market, certified organic products are genuinely safe and good for the skin. They are completely free of chemicals, being made from organic ingredients that are grown without the use of any chemicals. If they are certified organic by an international regulation authority, one can be assured of having the highest quality of skincare product.

Taking proper care of your baby’s skin can do them a world of good in the long run as it builds their strength and immunity. To that end, it is wise to trust only the best and embrace the goodness of nature by adopting certified organic products. Here are the things you must do to give your baby a complete natural and organic skincare.

Gentle Oil Massage

Research shows that giving your newborn a nourishing and relaxing massage before their bath boosts their immunity and helps fight diseases. It works to stimulate blood circulation, develop strong bones and muscles, improve metabolic rate, relieve digestive problems, and improve sleep quality.

Young parents may be wary of massaging their baby the wrong way or hurting them in the process but it does not call for any complicated skills. Simply lay the baby on a soft fabric in a warm room. Warm up a bit of oil in your hands and massage the baby’s limbs gently and firmly. As your newborn’s skin is highly sensitive, you need to be very careful about the product you are applying on it directly. No need of fragrances here but organic ingredients only that can boost your baby’s strength and immunity.

In this regard, opting for organic oil is a wise choice. The goodness.me’s certified organic baby oil packs in the goodness of six organic oils. Its almond oil and sesame oil moisturise and soothe your baby’s skin, while the olive oil and jojoba oil form a protective skin shield and argan oil and safflower oil soften their skin after the massage. Rich in vitamin E, it contains plant-based ingredients; plus it is hypoallergenic, clinically tested, toxin free and just the kind of nourishment your baby needs.

Head-to-toe Body Wash

Babies need a whole body cleansing ritual from time to time to rid themselves of germs and stay protected. But they are very delicate and daily baths should be avoided. Give them two to three baths a week in warm water. Fill their bathtub with 2-3 inches of water. To prevent them from catching cold while taking bath, regularly pour cupfuls of water over their little shoulders.

For cleansing, avoid scrubbing at all costs and go for a gentle toxin-free cleanser or soap that keeps your baby’s face, hair and body clean, smooth and irritation-free. The goodness.me certified organic baby soap; made with organic jojoba oil, olive oil and chamomile, it is safe and gentle on your baby’s skin, leaving it cleansed and moisturised after every bath. Its certified organic head-to-toe body wash is ideal for all round bathing requirements. With organic chamomile, rose, lavender and coconut-based cleansing agents, it keeps your baby’s skin and hair clean and soft, without causing any scalp or eye irritation.

Nourishing Moisturisation

Right after the bath and all through the day, you need to keep your baby’s skin sufficiently moisturised to preserve its natural softness and form a protective shield. That’s why they need a generous dose of nourishment with organic baby moisturising cream. Whatever product you choose, make sure it’s free of chemicals, certified organic and stick to that product so that your baby’s skin does not have to adjust to different ingredients.

Protection Against Skin Ailments

Newborns tend to develop myriad skin conditions during their first few months. As their skin is ultra-sensitive, they tend to react strongly to triggers like dryness and chemicals. There can be rashes due to the skin’s constant touch with diapers, chemicals, talcum powders or some chemical in their skincare product. It can also be due to prickly heat in summers or even winters, when they are over-bundled with warm woollens.

Opt for a natural baby cream to protect your baby’s skin from harmful infections or allergic reactions. Always consult the paediatrician regarding which products to be used. With ingredients like chamomile, aloe vera, glycerine and rose water, the goodness.me’s paediatrician certified, dermatologically tested and certified organic multi-purpose baby cream provides a safe solution to rashes, minor cuts and skin inflammations.

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