5 Non-Verbal Ways to Express Love for Your Spouse

We all want to know that we’re loved, right? Even people who claim to not need love secretly desire it. More so in marriage relationships, knowing you are loved makes it easier to work through those hard times every marriage is subject to. That is one of the reasons it is so important to express love for your spouse.

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One way to express love is to say it. However, relying exclusively on verbal expressions doesn’t go very far. Why? Because we can say anything and not mean it. On the other hand, acts of love are harder to fake. Doing things that actually demonstrate love make all those verbal confessions that much stronger.

Relationships & More is a Westchester County, NY clinic that offers relationship therapy, marriage counseling, and more. They offer the following suggestions to express love for your spouse without saying a word:

1. Take Care of the Chores

Household chores can be a source of contention among couples. They often are, though they need not be. A good way to express love for your spouse is to take care of the chores without being asked. For example, you already know from your lunchtime conversation that they are having a rough day at work. You get home before they do, so get dinner going and do the laundry. After dinner, let them relax while you clean the kitchen.

2. Show Interest in the Other’s Activities

Spouses typically have activities they share along with those they do separately. A good way to express love non-verbally is to show interest in the other person’s favorite activities. Maybe your other half loves football. You couldn’t care less but sitting down and watching a game every now and again goes a long way. Show support for their team because it is their team. It will make an enormous difference.

3. Make a Point to Touch

Human beings thrive on physical touch. Indeed, regular touching is an important part of marriage. As you walk through the kitchen, lightly touch your significant other on the shoulder. While you’re sitting on the couch watching your favorite TV show, hold their hand. Remember that touch doesn’t always have to be sexual. When it is, it can be a very good thing. But even when it’s not, a simple touch still expresses love.

4. Sit and Do Nothing…Together

Our busy modern world has led us to believe that we constantly have to be doing something. Doing nothing is a waste of time, we are told. It is unproductive. And yet, sitting with your spouse and doing nothing in particular can be incredibly rewarding.

Sitting on the porch with your spouse and watching the world go by is a powerful expression of love. It says that you are willing to set aside the rest of the world just to spend time with them. It tells your other half that they are the most important person in your life.

5. Listen without Talking

Finally, you can demonstrate genuine love for your spouse by sitting and listening. Sometimes, your partner just needs to vent. If you are a husband, your wife might need a shoulder to cry on. If you are a wife, your husband might just need to get things off his chest. You don’t need to say a word. You don’t need to offer solutions or give your opinion. Just listen and acknowledge.

Expressing love is as much about action as it is about words – maybe even more so. Learn to express love for your spouse in non-verbal ways and you will go a long way toward strengthening your marriage.

Have nothing to do with your partner? Then try picking up hobbies for couples to spend more time together and discover something new with one another.

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